Territory – history and description

Montichiari: the gateway to Lake Garda

Montichiari , picturesque town of around 25,000 people in the district of Brescia in Northern Italy, represents the gateway to lake Garda thanks to its strategic location and its airport “Gabriele D’Annunzio”.
It lies among six sweet hills and on the highest one, Saint Pancrace Hill, a stunning view from  Lake Garda to the Apennines can be enjoyed.

Montichiari is strategically located  12 km from lake Garda, 20 km from Brescia, 45 km from Mantua and Verona, 60 km from Bergamo, 100 km from Milan, and 140 km from Venice.

The river Chiese flows through the town and along the beautiful countryside making it possible for tourists to ride around and  enjoy the stunning scenery.

Stunning monuments and buildings  can be visited in town all throughout the year, among which the Bonoris Castle built over the ancient Rock at the end of the 1800 by the count Gaetano Bonoris.
The small,  magnificent Bonoris Theatre  is located  right below the Castle: it was inaugurated on October 18th 1890 with the opera “Traviata” written by the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi and it offers a variety of excellent shows of different genres (opera, plays, concerts).

The most significant monument is Saint Pancrace Abbey which is located on the Hill in the southern part of the historical centre. The building with three  naves  was built in stones and dates back to 1100. It is one of the best preserved Romanesque Abbeys in Northern Italy.

Another important monument is the Duomo  dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It was  built in different stages and finished in the 1700. During  a solemn celebration the Duomo became a Basilica in 1900. Inside the church a very important painting representing “The Last Supper” can be appreciated. It was painted by Girolamo di Romano, the so called Romanino.

We must also mention the thirty churches  existing on the territory : Saint Peter’s Church in front of the Basilica, Saint Mary Church , Saint Marguerite and Saint Cristina Churches in the countryside.

A fantastic, first quality  system of stunning museums must be mentioned: from the Pasinetti Art Gallery, to the Lechi Museum, from the Bergomi Museum to the archaeological Museum and the History and War Museum.

Montichiari offers his inhabitants an tourists from all over the world: culture, a warm sense of hospitality, stunning monuments and buildings of amazing beauty.