Saint Pancrace Abbey

Via Matteotti, Saint Pancrace Hill

12th century

Opening hours:

On Sunday and on Holidays from April to September 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Free entrance

In other days guided tours upon request.


Xavier: here we are, up on Saint Pancrace hill, at last! What’s that building, at the end of the park?

Christina: this is Saint Pancrace Abbey. You must think that the existence of this Church has been recorded since the 12th century.

Xavier: Amazing! It is beautifully maintained! A masterpiece of Romanesque style.

Christina: Come on, let’s have a walk around the Church. Can you see that terrace? From there, we can enjoy the whole view over Borgosotto , the most ancient neighborhood, and the stunning countryside stretching out for kilometers….

Isn’t this sunset awesome?

Xavier: absolutely…yes, but, is it possible to see it inside? I have heard that some ceremonies and events are held here.

Christina: yes, in the three spacious naves among cruciform pylons and columns, there is still much life and its atmosphere is severe and welcoming at the same time.

Xavier: are these capitals paleo-christian capitals?

Christina: you know lots of things, well done, Xavier! Walls, on the other hand, are from Botticino caves, and I am sure you will be fascinated by the frescoes…

Xavier: they are very ancient masterpieces, dating back to 14th and 16th centuries. Is that…a painting by Romanino?

Christina: excellent! Yes, the great painter paid a tribute to Saint Pancrace around 1520 and painted him on a horse.