Historical Indipendence War Museum

Museo Storico del Risorgimento

Piazza Teatro

Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm
from May to September

Free entrance

Reservations for guided tours tel. 030 9650455 – info@montichiarimusei.it

Xavier: another gem at the Theatre square: the Historical Indipendence War Museum)

Christina: is it true that this was the Choir of the Suffragio Church?

Xavier: yes, indeed… after its restoration in 1944, it became the history museum dedicated to the Memorial of all Soldiers killed during the Independence wars. Mario Baratti is considered its founder but the museum takes its name after Agostino Bianchi, the elementary teacher who worked so hard to find such a stunning location since 1968.

Christina: the papers and the findings gathered here tell us about the Napoleonic campaign, the War of independence until the Second World War.

Xavier: the museum tells us in details about the First World War, many slides are dedicated to the 1914-1918 war.

Christina: impressive! Thanks to these devices, it seems we are still in the trenches.

Xavier: so moving, isn’t it?